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ANIMALCOHOLICS CATEGORY: ART As people drink, they lose their self control and self consciousness, their primal instincts appear, and they become more like animals. For her latest mind bending work ANIMALCOHOLICS, Frieke Janssens, as in […]



Sensitive to light

Sensitive to light CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Mortierbrigade – Modular The concept was very clear from the start. We would work with albino models and animals, so I wanted to make sure that there was a […]


Klarafy CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Famous – Radio Klara I shot this portrait of Beethoven, eeuh I mean Daan Stuyven. Happy to contribute to this really good campaign for Klara by Tom&Iwein

4 elements

4 elements CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: CAMPAIGN FOR CITY MECHELEN agency: Absoluut photography: Frieke Janssens assistant: Sander Muylaert & Tamara Deridder production: Frieke Janssens & Tim Coppens H&MU: Sanne De Wolf Styling: Sophie Pillen Model: Jennifer […]

DSM Kids

DSM Kids CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: De Standaard Magazine Finally did it! Shot in one of my all-time favorite locations, The Ursulineninstituut, an art nouveau masterpiece in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver. One size plus doesn’t mean less fashionable. So […]

Indian Summers

Indian Summers CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Channel 4

Jacko Bond

Jacko Bond CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Album For the cover art for JackoBond’s latest album, “Ik Tel Tot Tien,” I created a striking image with my unique aesthetic. Rainbow tears show hope, mirroring the songs in […]

Great expectations

Great expectations CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: TBWA Zurich – Mc Donalds It’s a surprise for the children when they discover an apple in the Happy Meal, they have expected to get their beloved normal happy meal […]

B&R 10years

CB&R 10years CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: The Friends Two very good friends decided to give a big party, to celebrate their 10 years together. They made a funny invitation about habits and things they had to […]


THE WORLD OF REMEMBRANCE CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Museum M Today I will take part in the opening of museum M’s newest exhibition ‘de wereld van herinnering’ (‘the world of remembrance’) about Alzheimer. A sensitive subject […]

Salad of the day

Salad of the day CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: De Standaard Magazine SALAD OF THE DAY, the new magazine series for De Standaard Magazine food edition. Thanks to a great dedicated team, especially to Amber for lying […]

Hairy fashion shoot

Hairy fashion shoot CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: Weekend Knack Magazine styling: Ilja De Weerdt h&mu: An Graré assistents: Lucas Despriet & Tysje Severens production: Ilja De Weerdt & Frieke Janssens production assistent: Francis Boesmans little stars: […]


DIANAS, A SERIES ABOUT SINGLE WOMEN CATEGORY: Art Work Having built a solid reputation in staged, concept-driven photography, in her new series Frieke Janssens questions the feeling of being a single woman and the search […]

Chalk Boys

Chalk Boys CATEGORY: Art Work CLIENT: The Art of Giving (TAG) foundation The Art of Giving (TAG) foundation support after school education for unprivileged children. Next to me they asked artists Rik De Boe, Gert […]


Touring CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Touring, TBWA BRUSSELS In this day and age, one can zip from country to country in a few hours. With so much travel, things can go wrong. The family she depicts […]


S.PA CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: S.PA, Boondoggle In this work for SP.A, I take the idea of children as adults, but in an entirely different way than in my earlier work. In this campaign, children are […]


Era CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Era Immo


Stromae CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Stromae Fashion shoot for Stromae’s clothing collection ‘CAPSULE MOSAERT’. The unisex collection is definded by college-style looks, isometric jacquards and african wax color motifs and printing techniques. In cooperation with the […]

Indian Summers

Indian Summers CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Channel 4 I was pleased to shoot the POSTERS for CHANNEL 4 newest epic drama series INDIAN SUMMERS. Client: 4creative @CH4 Program: Indian Summers Creative: Pablo Gonzales Producer: Tabby Harris […]


BACK TO SCHOOL ON A HORSE CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: Knack Weekend magazine Styling: Ilja De Weerdt Production: Ilja & me Assistants: Joeri Vanhamel & Joey Heirman Hair-en make-up: Elke Binnemans Models: Maimouna Cisse @ Alfred […]


Voltaire CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Jan Snoekx A film by Jan Snoekx. “Best Animated Short”, SITGES International Fantasy Film Festival, Spain.[…]


HAMLET SYMPHONY CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Toneelhuis 2013 – 2014 directed by Mokhallad Rasem Producton: Mien Muys Assistants: Ella Dedulle & Ruben Persoons Hair&MU: Monique Van Hassel Styling: Sophie Pillen Decor by decor department Toneelhuis Post-production: […]


Renault CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Renault, Publicis Conseil, Paris You don’t become a great craftsman by accident. I didn’t get to where I am now without a lot of hard work. Similarly, just like a craftsman […]


ABKE HARING CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Toneelhuis 2013-2014 BENJAMIN VERDONCK CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Toneelhuis 2013-2014 GUY CASSIERS CATEGORY: portraits[…]

Chez Albert

Chez Albertje CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Flerub I created this photo for an authentic waffle shop in the heart of Bruges, referring to an iconic ‘selfie’ of Jan van Eyck. Before I only delivered concepts for […]


Volkswagen CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: DDB


Quickstep CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: darw!n, Quick-Step Client: Quick-Step – Stijn Heytens Creative Director: Guido Goffeau Creatief team: Bart Welkenhuysen,[…]


Toneelhuis CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Toneelhuis

The busts

The busts CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Toneelhuis Written by Karen Chin @ BRANSCH BRANSCH artist Frieke Janssens photographed the Toneelhuis theater group in a style harking back to Hollywood portraiture of the Golden Age. This ongoing […]

Your last shot

Your last shot CATEGORY: Art work No one likes to think about their own death. And especially not about the photo they will be remembered by on their grave. Photographer Frieke Janssens wants to change […]


Stubhub CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Duncan/Channon, San Francisco I worked with San Francisco agency Duncan/Channon to create the first national print campaign for StubHub, the place to get dream tickets for concerts, sports, and more. Roaming […]


Renault CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Renault


Nestea CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Wieden + Kennedy – London Ad campaign for Nestea

De Morgen

De Morgen CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: De Morgen – Famous Ad campaign for De Morgen


INSULATION PREMIUMS CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Vlaams Energie Agentschap A campaign that reminds people that the government issues heat insulation premiums, so there’s no need to be creative and come up with ridiculous ways to heat […]

Theater aan zee

Theater aan zee CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Theater aan zee Campaign image for posters and covers


gaia CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Gaia – Famous JCVD is known for his muscles, but less for his love for animals. Did you know that he has several disabled dogs? There’s even one in a wheel […]

Smoking Kids

Smoking Kids CATEGORY: Art Work A YouTube video of a chainsmoking Indonesian toddler inspired me to create this series, “Smoking Kids”. The video highlighted the cultural differences between the east and west, and questioned notions […]


Lexware CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Lexware, Reinsclassen Ad campaign


THE TABLE OF FC BERGMAN CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: de theatermaker Written by Karen Chin at BRANSCH NY: BRANSCH photographer Frieke Janssens took a portrait of FC Bergman Group, a daring, experimental theatre troupe from Antwerp, […]


Candico CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Candico, Euro RSCG A character of finesse. Candico. All the finesse of roughness. Executive Creative Director: Dominique van Doormaal Art Directors: Dominik Appels, Dominique van Doormaal Copywriters: Bram Lenders, Gino Del […]


BNP PARIBAS CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Publicis conseil, Paris Ad campaign for BNP Paribas


WE’RE ALL CANNIBALS CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Eddy Merckx Cycles An ad campaign for Eddy Merckx bicycles by advertising agency ‘Stronger’. Top athletes don’t have a lot of time for shoots. We shot this on the […]

200 Years

200 Years CATEGORY: Art work


Volkswagen CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Volkswagen, DDB Brussels Ad campaign for Volkswagen.


ING CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: ING Ad campaign for ING.


Renault CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Renault Ad campaign for Renault


MISS PENNY CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: ING – Euro RSCG Brussels Ad campaign for ING.


Gaia CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Gaia, Duval Guillaume Ad campaign for Gaia.

City of Warsaw

City of Warsaw CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: City of Warsaw This is one of the jobs that made me grateful for being a photographer. I was honoured that Marcin Mroszczak, creative director of DDB Warsaw, and […]

De Standaard Magazine

De Standaard Magazine CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: De Standaard Magazine

The Intoxicated

The Intoxicated CATEGORY: Art work My aim was to make drunk portraits out of the context of a bar. I was looking for nuanced, honest emotions – without the self-control and self-consciousness people usually exhibit […]


Senseo CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Senseo Ad campaign for senseo

Renovation premiums

Renovation premiums CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Vlaams Energie Agentschap A campaign that reminds people that the government issues renovation premiums.


Orangina CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Ogilvy Amsterdam Ad campaign for Orangina.

Collecto Taxi

Collecto Taxi CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Emakina Brussels Ad campaign for Collecto Taxi.


Telenet CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Telenet Ad campaign for Telenet

Metal Hurlant

Metal Hurlant CATEGORY: art, portraits Personal project

Les Triplettes

Les Triplettes CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: VRT – één Vanaf dinsdag 25 november 2008 organiseerde het Fotomuseum Provincie Antwerpen een tijdelijke[…]